What is Innovation? Websters definition of "innovation" is the introduction of something new, a new idea, method, or device. We look at innovation as something that is not only new but desired or valued, possible and practical. We are a forward-looking company that finds exciting new ways to produce positive change in vehicle diagnostics. We constantly develop new designs that help us provide the latest diagnostic systems. We work to produce commercially viable systems that are affordable and accessible to today’s vehicle technician. Our actions are intended to facilitate revolutionary change in the use of vehicle diagnostic tools.

Thoughts on Innovation

Innovations can come from many places and sources. It can be from the transfer of knowledge from one industry to another. It can be built upon others contributions. It can come from observation and listening. It can come from using a substitue material. It can come while at a grocery, in class or at a baseball game.

One example of an industry transfer is Taiichi Ohno of Toyota. He visited the United States in 1956 to see Automobile Plants but instead found innovation at the supermarket. Japan did not have these type of stores at the time and Ohno was amazed at the way customers shopped and were able to chose exactly what they wanted in the amount that they wanted. Ohno was facinated with the distribution system that the supermarkets had. He was able to transfer many of the practices used in the supermarket.

  • Innovative Design

Innovations can sometimes be as simple as making things simple. Google did this with their search engine. They minimalized their search page to only have a search box, making it as simple and as useful as possible for the user. Lego embraced a new mateial, plastic and developed an interlocking system that changed how kids played with blocks. For innovation to thrive a company must encourage open minds and cultivate forward thinkers. An environment that embraces diversity and the sharing of ideas is needed.

We at Diagnostic Innovations LLC look for new ways to bring innovation and improvements to our customers. We do this in different ways including simplifying our tools so that our customers can get their jobs done correctly and quickly making their job better. We actively listen to our customers and find out what is really needed and important. We try to foster an enviromnet that is open, diverse and thoughtful. Here are a few of our innovative products: Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant 31P or our Vehicle Diganotic Assistant - Tablet.

Innovative Ideas

Ideas can take time to mature or incubate or they can come to you in a flash. Hunches sometimes need to collide. An environment that allows ideas to be created is key. An environment that promotes the sharing of thoughts and exchanges of ideas is crucial. An environment that gives access to others. An environment that empowers the employees. An environment that creates area for active discussion. Employees are key to the innovative process. Employees should have diverse backgrounds with different experiences and perspectives. They should be willing to think differently, to observe and listen, to share ideas and experiences, to be able to see things from other's point of view, to be able to approach solutions from different directions. Employees should be creative, observant, flexable and have a passion to make a difference. They should ask the following questions: Will this make a difference? Will this change the status quo? Will this make someone's job easier or more fun? Will this make things safer? Will this make it better? Will this make things less expensive or costly? Will this make things more pleasing? Will this matter?

Keys to Innovation:

  • Enviroment of Sharing
  • Diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Passion to make a difference
  • Challenge what we think we know.
  • Listen to the Customer
  • Correct Team Members

There is no one right way to create innovations. Innovation can come from many places and directions. It is key to have the right people in the right environment so that innovation can flourish. People that are diverse, creative, passionate, problem sovlvers and have powerful observation and listening skills. The right teams must be formed with the correct skillset to attack the problem at hand. The teams should have members that complement each other. Technology should be used both in the process and in the solution when possible. Technology can be used to connect with customers to get their input. It can be used to develop designs and prototypes. It can also be used to create the solution.

Innovative Process

The key steps to our innovation process at Diagnostic Innovations LLC are 1. Identify the need or issue at hand. 2. Identify and obtain the correct team members and resources. 3. Generate ideas for the best solution. 4. Test ideas 5. Validate solutions. 6. Develop prototype. 7. Test prototype. 8. Implement Solution.