Truck Diagnostic Software

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The world of vehicle diagnostics in many ways has mirrored the outside world of household technology. The proliferation of iPads, Google, and intuitive see 'N touch usage has now found great similarity in vehicle maintenance. In the past, slow and bulky hardware not adequate for harsh shop environments and finicky software dominated the world of vehicle diagnostics. Now ruggedized laptop computers paired with stable, user-friendly software and touch screen navigation has become the new paradigm.

The most important aspect of Vehicle Diagnostic Hardware is that it works and continues to work. The best computers are built to handle the most demanding of shop environments. Ruggedize computers like the Panasonic Toughbook H2, 19 and 31 are military grade computers built to withstand: drops, spills, vibration and extreme temperature conditions. Smart fleet managers can no longer wait around for the ordering of new computers or stand by during the hassle and complication of configuring new software when hardware gets banged around or damaged.

The key to all successful products lies in value which is only achieved when the product is in use and making money. In the case of Vehicle Diagnostics, value is achieved when Hardware is well built and rugged so the user embraces the diagnostic tools just as they would a wrench or screwdriver.

The most important aspect of Vehicle Diagnostic Software is that it's easy to use. Victor Guillot, Senior Bus Engineer at Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, is a proponent of diagnostic software that was designed with the technician in mind. "It is important for the software to not only be able to help the technician effectively troubleshoot the vehicle but it should also be easy to navigate and use. The more user-friendly the diagnostic software is the more likely it is to be used effectively." ... more »