ProLine VCI
Newly updated OBDII connector comes with the latest software release. Including new features such as save and print DTC and IM/Mode 6 data, playback, savable configurations, and translated Mode 6 data. Independent service shops and emissions training centers will enjoy being able to print DTC and IM/Mode 6 data for their customers.
AutoEnginuity Adapter
With AutoEnginuity's ScanTool you have the ability to view all 11 of the inspection/maintenance system tests. These system tests can also be used to determine if the work performed fixed the problem or whether the vehicle will pass your local OBD-II-based emissions tests. Should a system test fail, you can see individual component results. Buy Now »

USB Link
The USB Link Adapter is a USB interface adapter and comes with everything you need to connect a vehicle to a PC in order to run diagnostics on heavy duty vehicles.
USB Link 2 Adapter
Flexible configuration supports wired or wireless* connectivity. Comes complete with a 6 and 9 Pin Y Cable to connect to the truck, a USB cable to connect to the PC, and a durable carry case to keep your adapter protected and organized. Buy Now »

RP1210 Compliant

RP1210 is a recommended practice from the Technology Maintenance Council that describes the communication API used by the vendor programs. The purpose of RP1210 is to create a standard API for communication between vehicle ECUs and a PC using a Windows operating system. This standard makes it possible for interfaces to be compatible with multiple diagnostic software applicatons. The standard is mainly for heavy duty protocols.