Diagnostic Innovations LLC adds Eaton Corporation's MD™ Mobile Diagnostics to Product Offerings.

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Southfield, MI (September 29, 2003) - DIAGNOSTIC INNOVATIONS LLC has added Eaton Corporation's new MD™ Mobile Diagnostics Solutions to it's truck diagnostic product offering. The MD™ Mobile Diagnostics product line includes the MD-100, MD-200, and the MD-300 a PC based diagnostic software application.

The Eaton MD-100 series tool is a vehicle link interface box/adapter for PC to vehicle communications. It works as the primary link between heavy duty vehicles and windows based OEM software applications. The MD-100 is compatible with the latest vehicle standards including SAE J1578, J1708 and J1939. The MD is RP1210A compatible and supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP operating systems.

The Eaton MD-200 series tool is a hand-held scan tool that can simultaneously monitor a variety of powertrain components, including engine components, for all makes and models of trucks in North America with SAE J1587 and J1939 data links. It can read and clear fault codes and can record 30 seconds of snapshot data for analysis. The software resides in the tool so there are no cartridges to install or swap and the device can be updated over the internet. The MD-200 acts as 4 tools in one including a scan tool, a communication box, a link tester and a data logger.

The Eaton MD-300 series tool is a PC based diagnostic software that quickly diagnoses heavy duty commercial vehicle electronic systems. It uses the SAE J1587 diagnostic link and works with RP1210a communication adapters. The MD-300 software has the ability to monitor data, view and clear fault codes, and graphically display up to four components individually or up to 15 components collectively.

Diagnostic Innovations LLC sees the MD product line as a great fit with it's other diagnostic offerings including the Digital Diagnostic Assistant™. "The MD line of products fills a void that many of our customers were looking for in a diagnostic solution. It offers a very powerful solution that is also easy to use.", says Drew Gibson, manager commercial business team. The MD-300 software is a comprehensive solution that will assist technicians in the troubleshooting of several components without the need to switch between several software applications or cartridges.

  • MD-100
  • MD-200
  • MD-300

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