Diagnostic Innovations Introduces the VDA54P™

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Ferndale, MI (September 25, 2015) - Diagnostic Innovations LLC, developer and manufacturer of automotive diagnostic solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, unveils the Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant 54P (VDA54P).

Diagnostic Innovation's proprietary Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant™ (VDA) is the industry standard diagnostic tool that effortlessly integrates hardware with software to form the most powerful diagnostic systems available in the market today. The Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant 54 (VDA54P) is the newest edition to a product line that is transforming heavy-duty vehicle diagnostics.

The Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant 54™ (VDA54P) helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot: engines, transmissions and braking systems of today's fleet vehicles. VDA54P™ is a complete diagnostic system featuring the rugged Panasonic Toughbook™ 54 laptop computer. It is a smart product and can be specifically customized for each customer. It integrates OEM software into an easy-to-use intelligent graphical interface. Multiple fleet options are available with branded OEM software. A RP1210A compliant interface box is offered with 6 and 9 pin connectors alongside an OBDII connector. The necessary cables and interface boxes are included in one heavy duty carrying case.

The Panasonic Toughbook 54 is lightest and thinnest semi-rugged laptop in its class. It runs Windows Professional 7 and 8 operating systems and offers enhanced security, a full magnesium alloy case with carry handle, and resistance to spills and drops. The Panasonic Toughbook™ 54 has both WiFi and Bluetooth options, and comes with a large 14" display with touch screen options. It has a battery life of up to 11 hours with a second battery option for up to 18 hours. It uses an Intel Core Processor with a durable solid state drive option available. The Toughbook™ 54 is purpose-built for professionals who spend a significant amount of time working from the road or in the outdoors.

The combination of Diagnostic Innovation's Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant™ with the Panasonic's Toughbook™ 54 creates an automotive tool that changes the way technicians can work. It is a combination that increases efficiency with unparalleled mobility, power and ruggedness. The VDA54P's incredible power, ruggedness and mobility makes financial sense. Drew Gibson, Fleet Manager at Diagnostic Innovations says, "Our customers now have a powerful computer that they can use to easily move from vehicle to vehicle without the constant worry of the computer being damaged by an accidental drop or spill. "He adds, "At its core, our VDA54P provides the technician with the right tool to analyze and correct diagnostic vehicle issues."

Diagnostics Innovations LLC is a Michigan-based company devoted to providing smart solutions that increase the productivity of vehicle technicians. Products include: customized diagnostics and learning systems, product and software design, and consulting services. Diagnostic Innovations LLC products are developed for: the original equipment manufacturer as well as the aftermarket, light and heavy duty, agri cultural, fleet, construction, transit, and government vehicle markets.

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