Diagnostic Innovations LLC adds Tablet Option to its Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant™ Product Line

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Diagnostic Innovations LLC adds Tablet Option to its Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant™ Product Line.
Southfield, MI (January 10, 2013) - DIAGNOSTIC INNOVATIONS LLC introduces its newest addition to the dynamic Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant™ systems for truck and bus mechanics. The latest Vehicle Assistant utilizes the Panasonic Toughbook H2 as part of its latest feature.  The revolutionary Toughbook H2 has military style rugged durability, is lightweight and wireless.  This remarkable tablet is extremely portable making it a great choice for vehicle technicians.

This latest compact Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant utilizes the same interface boxes, cables and case as the original.  The screen is touch sensitive and is great for road calls or just moving around because it is small, lightweight and extremely durable. The inner workings of the newest Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant maintains the same integrity as the original Vehicle Diagnostic System.

The mechanic now has a choice between the traditional ruggedized laptop computer systems and the smaller deluxe tablet size computer.  With the latest Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant the mechanic has more flexibility and mobility with the capacity, performance and durability the same as the original Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant.  It performs with the same capacity as the original.

Diagnostic Innovations LLC is a Michigan based company that specializes in providing special electronic software and diagnostic solutions to help increase the productivity of vehicle technicians. Diagnostic Innovations LLC products are developed for the original equipment manufacturer as well as aftermarket, light and heavy duty, agricultural, fleet, construction and government vehicle markets. For more information about the company visit: http://www.diagnosticinnovations.com.

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